You will find that from about 1950 through the 1960's, some of our most legendary, famous, artistic, athletic, educated, visual, notorious, splendid, classful people came to light through Columbus, Ohio......Some of these gallant people are remembered below.












Dear People,
Due to the enormous amount of
email that we receive from you about our hometown comrades
who have passed away, especially at the end of 2000, I am adding this section to our
"Columbus Connection" site. So named "Not Forgotten".

"So Now, We Need Your Help!"
Just keep sending your emails when someone you know passes.
Add any information that you want known. (Funeral date/time, address & phone, comment, etc.)

***If during the year 2000, 1999, or 1998 please
email here .........* Prior Years Email Here
All we need is the name and year of deceased, but will use any other information you give. So, please send in information and I will post it.

Thank you for any help you can give to establish this hub of information by association due to lifelong continuation of our communication throughout the duration of our situations......true kynfolks&kynships.

Columbus Connection