Congratulations To:
Dana Williams,
graduated from Duke University
on Sunday, May 13, 2001
(Mother's Day),
with her BA in Economics.
She has a position with
Price Waterhouse.
Sister Llisa Williams,
just completed her first year at USC.
Her major is Communications.


A Harvard University report recently released showed that Black children are more likely to be classified as mentally retarded and then put in Special Education classes than their White counterparts. And young Black males in affluent schools with Whites are at a greater risk for Special Education classification than their inner-city counterparts, it also reported.The report seems to confirm that Black youth are unfairly 'tracked' into Special Education classes, damaging their chances for education advancement. The issues has been one discussed by Black educators for decades.Harvard's Civil Rights Project did the study.
(Pasadena Journal, 4/19/01).

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